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As main contractors and as part of our overall project to deliver facilities across the entire campus, we have constructed the shell and core for four separate individual three-storey data centres offering 40MW+, with two individual two-storey data centres, 12 750kW data rooms, 12 energy centres and 12 HV back-up generation solution including UPS systems, and a rainwater harvesting and treatment facility for reverse osmosis. Some of the facilities on this campus are ultra-secure data centres built to the highest level of government and industry regulations and HMG security markings.

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Working on the entire campus, we have constructed the main security gatehouse, road networks and carried out the demolition of existing offices. The varying ground conditions of sandstone and made-up ground across the campus required our design team to deploy a range of solutions to achieve the dynamic project timescales and budget. On occasions we are working adjacent to live environments where adhering to high-security requirements are essential.

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