Data centre campus 2

Industrial and Technical
form of contract
417 weeks

Working on campus wide delivery, we are constructing the shell and core for six individual 2-storey data centre units, offering 30MW+, with 12 750 kW rooms, 12 energy centres and 12 HV back-up generation solutions, and a rainwater treatment facility. We have constructed the main security gatehouse and road networks. For the road networks we used existing material from a removed car park as backfill for the new roads, saving the client valuable resources. In addition, we carried out the demolition of existing offices. This site has received one BREEAM Excellent rating and two BREEAM Very Good across the projects.

Key facts
tonnes of steel
tonnes of recycled crushed hardcore
million litres of on-site RWH storage

Due to the proximity of the campus to a live business airport, we have needed to work closely with Air Traffic control on appropriate timings for usage of some equipment, such as cranes, which has resulted in programme adjustments accordingly. The sand-based ground conditions at the site have provided a number of challenges to which we were able to design drainage solutions accordingly for water discharge and water retention rates that align with Environment Agency requirements. As part of the drainage solutions, we designed and installed ponds and rainwater pump filters – the water harvested is used for data centre water cooling.

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